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Dolce & Gabbana AW 14

I was so excited when I got a glimpse of D&G's winter collection for 2014. What caught my eye were the amazing prints inspired by the world famous mosaics of St Vitale's Basilica in Ravenna.

"Ravenna between East and West,
Rome and Byzantium, romanitas e barbaritas,
Ravenna capital of the empire,
Ravenna the late medieval Pompeii"
from the official Ravenna Mosaics website


This collection is grand , impressive and illuminating, just like the era it pays a tribute to. Models parading down the runway resemble byzantine empresses with replicas of golden crowns and over sized earrings.

With a nod to Byzantine history, this collections seems to lift the idea of "prints" to a whole new level.  I love the fitted silhouettes that make these dresses approachable to our times. You don't need to be fashion conscious to wear these statement pieces and that's the beauty of this collection, if you ask me. With or without the crowns off course...

 The next thing that caught my eye were the deep, opulent reds, used for elegant dresses and coats;  perfectly in tune with the richness of colours and grandeur of that era. 

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